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The Port of Greater Baton Rouge Annual Financial Report is a comprehensive audited report available to the public.

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As a result of the State of Louisiana's 2014 Legistative Session, various compliance changes from new laws and regulations which effect state, local and quasi-public agencies were enacted.

Once new compliance requirement that affected all entities that are required to annually report to the Louisiana Legislative Auditor is Act No. 693 was effective August 1, 2014. Act No. 693 enacted Louisiana Revised Statue 24:523.1 which provides that, in part, that "Every auditee shall post and keep posted in conspicuouls places upon it's premises a notice, prepared by the legislative auditor and located on his website, setting forth information concerning the reporting of the misappropriation, fraud, waste, or abuse of public funds." Additionally, Louisiana Revised Stature 24:523.1(B) requires that "Every auditee shall also post such notices on the website of th auditee."