Port of Greater Baton Rouge

Port Inland Rivers Marine Term


Container-on-Barge Service:

The IRMT is ideally situated for container-on-barge cargo movement via the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and Mississippi River Inland Waterway System.  Container-on-barge offers an alternative to traditional truck or rail container movement, with significant cost savings. Unlike containers hauled by truck, container-on-barge shipments can handle containers filled to capacity. This means greater efficiency and cost savings for the shipper. Virtually any product that can fit into a shipping container can be moved via container-on-barge.

Bagging & Packaging Services:
Katoen Natie's operation at the Inland Rivers Marine Terminal offers polymer packaging services including warehousing, packaging and transloading of polymers with fully automated packaging lines for bags, super sacks and boxes. Katoen Natie's location allows for seamless movement from truck or rail into the packaging facility; containerized polymers can then be loaded onto barge, rail or truck.  

Heavy Lift and Project Cargo Transfer: 
Project cargoes such as reactors, boilers, tanks and cranes that are extra heavy and extra wide can be a hazard to transport long distances by highway. The IRMT provides easy on/off loading via barge and is readily accessible to Louisiana Hwy. 1, U.S. Interstate 10 and U.S. Interstate 110.  A Ro/Ro ramp is available.  Because of these features, the site is utlized frequently by area petrochemical companies for heavy lift and project cargo transfer.