Port of Greater Baton Rouge

Port Facilities

About the Facilities

General Cargo Docks

  • 45' deepwater access for ocean-going vessels
  • 3,000 continuous feet of wharf
  • Unlimited turning basin for ocean-going vessels
  • 525,000 square feet of warehouse space on the Mississippi River
  • 50,000 square feet of open shipside storage
  • Rail and truck access to transit sheds 
  • Rail covered tracks between warehouses allow for all-weather operations
  • Conveyor systems from landside to wharf
  • 24-hour security

 For more information, contact Greg Johnson, Port of Greater Baton Rouge, 225.342.1660. 

Grain Elevator

In June 2011, Louis Dreyfus Corporation, became the new operator of the public grain elevator located at the port.  The company announced an extensive $100 million rehabilitation and expansion of the grain elevator. The project will create 30 new jjobs and 100 new construction jobs during the expansion.  It is estimated the project will be complete and recieving grain during the third quarter of 2013.  When complted, more than 5 million metric tons of grian could move through this upgraded facility.  Capabilities Include:

  • Grain transfer and storage
  • U.S.D.A. Grain Inspection Agency on site
  • Product transformation processes: cleaning, drying, mixing and loading

 For more information, contact Mike Mandl at 816.218.2332.

Flour Mill

Horizon Milling, a limited liability partnership formed by Harvest States Milling and Cargill Milling, operates the bulk flour mill at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge. The mill has a capacity of 6,000 cwt and grinds 360 tons of wheat a day with 20 percent of that wheat coming from Louisiana. The flour is shipped out in bulk to bakeries and restaurants in the local region.

For more information, contact Horizon Milling 225.387.5565.


Sugar Storage and Distribution Complex

The Port of Greater Baton Rouge offers two raw sugar warehouses located on a seven-acre tract on the Mississippi River. They are operated byLouisiana Sugar Cane Products, Inc..

The Port of Greater Baton Rouge's sugar warehouses offer:

  • Capacity to store 80,000 tons of raw sugar
  • Two connecting 40,000-ton warehouses
  • Conveyor systems from landside to wharf capable of handling 900 tons per hour

For more information, contact Lonnie Champagne, Louisiana Sugar Cooperative, 337.276.4005.


Liquid Bulk Storage

Westway Terminal Company, Inc. is one of the largest bulk liquid storage companies in the United States, with a total liquid bulk storage capacity of 22 million galllons at the port.  Westway is also a leading of manufacuturer of liquid animal feed supplements.

Westway Terminal Company, Inc. offers:

  • Barge, ship, rail and truck access  
  • Solid logistical infrastructure with deepwater access for ocean-going vessels
  • Service to the industrial grade molasses and speciality chemical industries

For more information about Westway Terminal Company, Inc., contact 504.525.9741

Petroleum Fuel and Terminal Company, a subsidiary of Apex Oil Company, operates bulk petroleum storage facilities at the port for No. 2 through No. 6 fuel oils, asphalt and carbon black. Capacity at this facility is 1,215,000 barrels. Steam boilers for heating products are also operated dockside.

For more information, contact Petroleum Fuel and Terminal Co., 225.344.7951


 Inland Rivers Marine Terminal

The Inland Rivers Marine Terminal (IRMT) is an 84-acre intermodal facility of the Port of Greater Baton Rouge situated on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway where it intersects the Mississippi River.  The IRMT serves as a multi-use facility and also has property available for development.

  • 200 ft. barge dock with a weight load of 2,000 psi for project cargo transfer
  • Bagging, packaging facility, 42,000 sq.ft., warehouse
  • Rail spur with covered transfer facility
  • 10-acre container marshalling yard
  • Ro/Ro ramp and staging for project cargo

 For more information, contact Greg Johnson, Port of Greater Baton Rouge, 225.342.1660.


Midstream Transfer Buoys

Located on the Mississippi River directly opposite the port's main cargo terminal, the pile anchor midstream buoys at the deepwater Port of Greater Baton Rouge allow cargo-to-barge transfer year 'round from low water to flood stage.  Panamax size vessels can be accomodated, with 1,000 feet of space between buoys and a 45-foot deepwater draft and unlimited turning basin. Barge fleeting is available.

For more information, contact Greg Johnson, Port of Greater Baton Rouge, 225.342.1660


Dry Bulk Terminal

The bulk commodity terminal is located on the east bank of the Mississippi River (mile 235), a few miles north of Louisiana's State Capitol.  The facility includes a barge terminal, rail, U.S. Highway 61 access and a staging area for dry bulk materials. Several companies operate within this 30-acre port site, handling a variety of dry bulk commodities including: 

  • Bauxite
  • Petroleum and Calcined Coke
  • Aggregates
  • Aluminium Hydrate
  • Scrap Metals

 For more information, contact Greg Johnson, Port of Greater Baton Rouge, 225.342.1660