Security & Emergency Response

The Port of Greater Baton Rouge has a response plan in place in the event of an emergency. The port is in full compliance with the 2002 Maritime Security Transportation Act.

The port also works with all federal, state and local agencies to ensure that the highest levels of emergency response are in place and that security protocols are met. Additional questions regarding the port's security and emergency response can be directed to Cortney White, P.E., Director of Engineering and Security 225.342.1660;

In the event of an emergency, call 225.342.5378.

Important contacts:

  • Port Security - 225.342.5378
  • U.S. Coast Guard, Baton Rouge Marine Safety Unit - 225.298.5400
  • West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office - 225.343.9234; 225.389.2303
  • West Baton Rouge Office of Emergency Preparedness - 225.346.1577; after hours: 225.343.9234
  • East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office - 225.389-5000
  • East Baton Rouge Office of Emergency Preparedness - 225.389.2139
  • Port Allen City Police - 225.343.5525
  • Baton Rouge/New Orleans Port Operations - 504.589.6225 or 504.589.4219
  • USCG Department of Homeland Security Operator Number - 202.282.8000
  • U.S. Transportation Public Affairs Office - main office 571.227.2829