Stevedore License Application

The following application is required in order to obtain work as a stevedore at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge. Download the application form here - stevedoreapplication.pdf 

After completing the form, scan and e-mail to or fax to 225.342.1666

Active and Current Licensed Stevedores at the Port: 

Coastal Cargo Co., LLC
Attn: Christian Eyler

P.O. Box 53235
New Orleans, LA 70153
Ph:  504.587.1100
Fax:  504.587.1101

Cooper/T.Smith Stevedoring Company, Inc.
Attn: Bill McCloud

P.O. Box 242
Darrow, LA 70725
Ph:   225.473.4288
Fax: 225.473.6161

Empire Stevedoring (LA) Inc.
Attn: Bruce Wilson

P.O. Box 750818
New Orleans, LA 70175-0818
Ph:  504.896.9162
Fax:  504.896.9163 


Host Terminals, Inc. 
Attn: Mr. Cees van de Mortel

500 E. Plume Street, Ste 600
Norfolk, VA 23510
Ph:  757.627.6286
Fax:  757.627.2879 


Ports America
Attn: Terry Gros 

P.O. Box 320
Port Allen, LA 70767
Ph:  225.387.0971
Fax:  225.381.9680

Waterloo Operations, LLC
Attn: A. Lee Barber, III

P.O. Box 66296
Baton Rouge, LA 70896
Ph:  225.355.5611
Fax:  225.355.5615