Sexual Harassment Policy

To view or download a copy of the sexual harassment policy, please click here


Port of Greater Baton Rouge
2425 Ernest Wilson Drive
P.O. Box 380
Port Allen, LA 70767-0380
Phone:  225.342.1660
Fax:  225.342.1666

Emergency Phone/Main Gate Security

Jay G. Hardman, P.E.
Executive Director
Phone:  225.342.1660 ext. 1202

Stephen W. Glusman
Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs
Phone:  225.342.1660 ext. 1203

Greg Johnson
Director of Business Development
Phone:  225.342.1660 ext. 1209

Katie G. LeBlanc
Director of Finance & Administration
Phone:  225.342.1660, ext. 1212

Robert M. Marionneaux
Director of Governmental Affairs and Outreach
Phone:  225.342.1660 ext. 1218

Cortney White, P.E.
Director of Engineering & Security
Phone:  225.342.1660 ext. 1208