Foreign Trade Zone

In the 1930's, the Federal government created the Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) program to facilitate trade and increase global competitiveness of U.S.-based companies. By shipping into a FTZ, costly U.S. customs duties can be deferred, reduced or even eliminated. Companies involved in importing or exporting materials or products are encouraged to investigate the advantages of using the FTZ program.

Foreign Trade Zones are designated by the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone Board and are administered by a local authority. In the capital area, that local authority is the Port of Greater Baton Rouge. Companies involved in international trade can take advantage of the reduced, deferred or eliminated duties of the Baton Rouge FTZ.

General-purpose Foreign Trade Zones are located at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge and the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. Foreign Trade Sub-zones in the Baton Rouge area petrochemical corridor are located at ExxonMobil and the Dow Chemical Company. Both Foreign Trade Zones and Sub-zones enjoy the benefits of offering lower or eliminated U.S customs duties.

Increase your competitive edge and reduce costs by utlizing a Foreign Trade Zone at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge. For more information, contact Greg Johnson, Director of Business Development, 225.342.1660.

Review federal regulations and learn more about FTZ's at:  U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone Board - or visit